I hate where I’m at
And long for the world
But I know that trying
Will have me hitting the floor

I know that I’m special
That I’m one to adore
So what if I am
What’s it all for?

To belong
To be free
To feel safe
To truly see

But I’m stuck in my pit
With my oldest of friends
Depression, Shame
And Wanting the End

Hope is a weapon (bang!)
To those that dare try (why)
To chase down their dreams (that’s dumb)
And reach toward the sky (bye)

By making it real (is it?)
The dream is lost (sorry)
Hope along with it (no)
Til Love comes across (hi)

Love for each other (no)
Love for my life (ha!)
Love for new dreams (why)
Love like a knife

So I’m stuck in my pit (“it’s what you deserve”)
With my longest of friends (“you know you’re a bitch”)
Anger, Regret (“don’t tell anyone about this”)
And how it will end (“komm süßer Tod”)

I know I’m depressed (Shut the fuck up!)
That it’s just a phase (It’ll all be okay)
It will eventually pass (Just breathe)
But then comes Malaise (Take your time)

I’m tired of clawing (I understand)
the walls of this pit (just relax)
Struggling to rise (take a minute)
Up out of this shit (just rest a bit)

Don’t you dare dream (why)
Cuz you’ll lose your grip (oh)
And the crater you make (ouch)
Will be a one way trip

I’m stuck in my pit
With my sturdiest friends
Resilience and Empathy
Oh, when will it end?

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