It’s official, I made a podcast!

  • Grow TF Up now has 3 episodes published through
  • You can find us on Spotify, Google Podcasts, RadioPublic, Breaker, and Pocket Casts
  • You can catch up with the creator and contributors on Zoom every week in a new recurring meeting to discuss new instances of personal growth: “What Did We Learn?”
  • Updated the mission statement for Grow TF Up

I wasn’t sure after the first episode if I even wanted to keep making my life into a podcast and wondered if instead I just wanted to write my blog posts and fuck around on Facebook and generally not do anything productive because SCREW CAPITALISM!!!

Then I realized I only wanted to give up because it was difficult, and maybe because I am still a little worried about what others will think of it (and of me, and my friends, and my entire existence), and not because I don’t enjoy it or the idea of possibly making a living at being myself and talking to my friends. In fact, I enjoy it a great deal! So, I was feeling a little called out by my own project, and if that isn’t some Meta-irony, I don’t know what is

I’m still not even sure what TF irony means but I think this is closer than the examples in Alanis’s song

I had to re-focus my intentions and think I should make the official stance of Grow TF Up known to the general public. I have had a few friends feel a little attacked as well, called out by me making the Facebook Page and Group and then inviting them to it without much explanation (which, to me, I thought it was kinda obvious information but it was coming out of the blue for them…still don’t always see others’ perspectives). I think some people weren’t sure what to make of it or if it was a passive aggressive attempt to get them to see the error of their ways, which is absolutely not my intention but I do see how it may be interpreted that way.

So, I felt it was necessary to do 2 things: maintain the social bonds with my contributors and audience (that’s you btw, yes, you reading this!) and add a mission statement for Grow TF Up: The Podcast.

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 818 4395 9208
Passcode: nougrowup
When: Beginning April 22. 2021, every Thursday at 3:30 PM HST

Grow TF UP's Mission Statement:
"Here to understand and help others learn how to be less of a dick. Progress, not perfection."

Every Thurday, I will host a 40-min Zoom meeting called “What Did We Learn?” open to anyone to listen in, chime in with any new realizations or developments in their own lives, or perhaps a new struggle they could use some advice on. Or we can just goof off and enjoy the company of friends without any expectation other than spending a little time together.

I’m pretty jazzed, y’all, not gonna lie. I’m still pumped about Grow TF Up and think the new Command Closet will help improve the In-House-Recording quality, so I look forward to getting to know my audience and hope you will join me in making more personal growth related content!!

Much love! ~Lotus Wildflower~

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