MeToo Awareness Alert!!!

Kory Twiford is the man I refer to as Sugar in my previous posts

This muthafugga believes there are no consequences for his actions. Well, I’m here to make sure he has at least some fucking comeuppance for the shit he pulls. I don’t give any single solitary fuck anymore. Come at me, Sugar! You’re the one not acting right, and I done told you I would do this if you didn’t get your act together.

Read these blogs for backstory:

This is his FB profile photo as of 4/19/2021 but an older picture he has used on other sites.
You may find him on Tinder, FetLife, PlentyOfFish, possibly OkCupid, likely under a false name but possibly as himself. He has participated in the Hash (*vomit* he’s my Hash Baby I wish I aborted, was named My Brown Personal Space but he hated it and probably has not divulged this information if he is trying to Hash again) and currently is living near the Biloxi/Hattiesburg area of Mississippi.
He apparently reads my blog, thanks for the clicks Kory!

Please share this with anyone you know that is trying to date him. Pass the knowledge on that this asshole is a blackmailer, a cheater, and I believe a closeted* homosexual/bisexual and he very likely will take out his confusion on the next woman he dates. He is recently single again after cheating on his live-in girlfriend of 4 months (why the fuuuuuuuck do you keep doing this, Kory?!) *I myself have been a Living Out Loud Bisexual since I came out at 18 so I have no qualms with varied sexual interest, but I do have a problem with wrangling others into your sordid deviant sexual behavior because you can’t get a hold of your sexual identity.

He wants to experience a life of kinky, wild sex but without possessing any discretion or respect necessary to engage in such activities with consenting adults. He also takes voluntarily recorded sex acts and wields them against the women he no longer dates: if they try to shine a light on his shitty, manipulative, lying behavior, he threatens to expose them. He hasn’t engaged in revenge porn as of yet to my knowledge, but I accuse him of being guilty of coercion, sextortion blackmail, and breach of privacy as he regularly shares these videos and images of women he’s fucked with his new flings.

Please email me directly if you have had any such recordings sent to you by him! If you dated him, you probably saw my cooter, I have a distinct birthmark deep in my ass crack, on my right cheek very close to my anus:

Sorry for the pornography but if he shared my images/videos with you, I want to know about it!

I’m not letting this slide any longer. I recently found out this piece-of-absolute-work-shithead sent messages to my little sister (years ago when she was still a minor and after our breakup and me reporting him to his command) telling her that I intended to rape her. The things I said in context for his fetishes were used to damn me in her eyes, sending her screencaps of our taboo, late-night, private conversations.

My little sister, over the past few years, had been trying to live a life without her known support network, attending college halfway across the country while working to support herself alone, and the stress became too much for her to bear. She finally contacted me to clear the air because she felt lost and she had started to suspect he had been lying just to hurt me. She felt guilty for going no-contact with me over his lies, and all the bullshit of her life seemed to pile up too high, resulted in having several psychiatric episodes.

She’s had to return home due to her condition and her living arrangements falling through after her hospitalizations and outbursts. I do blame Kory for putting her through a trauma completely contrived to retaliate against me for reporting him to his command for ungentlemanly behavior and causing such tidal waves of trauma in the lives of several women around the world.

Those taboo conversations were had over messenger while he was long-distance and I tried to maintain our intimacy. This fashion of intimacy included conjuring up taboo stories with us as the subjects, sometimes he would fish for specific things and I would oblige. He would also request to see me fucking other men and demanded I record it for his continued enjoyment. That was a whole-ass JOB to get other men willing to be a stunt dick in a private porno with me for another man, not that difficult but still EFFORT!

If he has released any of those videos with those other men involved, he will be breaching not only mine but their privacy, since I gave them my word it would only be shared with Kory and I no longer have possession of these recordings at all, having deleted them after our breakup, wanting to scrub all memory of this fuckwit. If it is out there, it’s because he shared them. If you happen to have any of those recordings, possibly dressed like the following picture, please contact me:

The one I know he loved the most was when I wore this outfit and fucked a Black man for him, and I ended up getting shitty with the dude for not complying with my efforts to keep our action in the shot, he wasn’t as into the idea of being recorded as he initially proclaimed and I ended up bailing the entire encounter, but not before I sent Kory the proof, though.

He already slandered me to my father. He probably still has video of me and other women doing God knows what with who knows who, and I do expect he will retaliate again somehow, I just don’t know how yet. I am not proud of what I did for him, but I am not ashamed. I hope I can spare some other women the pain and suffering at least 6 women have endured already by his behavior.

Anyone got any legal definitions to share with me here? I am not a lawyer but I will fucking LAWYER UP if he comes after me!

Again, please contact me if you have any further information regarding his sharing of private images, videos, or screenshot conversations out of context. He lies, lies, lies, and the more we discuss his behavior towards his lovers, the more power we take from him, and he’ll be less likely to ruin another woman’s life.

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