#WeNeedPoliceReform #BlackLivesMatter #RIPDaunteWright #RIPBreonnaTaylor #RIPGeorgeFloyd #RIPDuncanLemp #RIPRyanWhitaker #RIPBothamJean There are simply too many deaths by the hands of American Police Officers to list them all, and the real tragedy is we know it would require more violence on our part to end theirs.


I invite all my friends and followers to join the Facebook discussion group and share their opinions and observations regarding their personal growth. Don't be shy, I am very friendly to real friendly folk (and not fake trolls), just state your business with me 🥰 CLICK HERE > Yo, Grow TF Up Been feeling attacked… Continue reading JOIN ME ON MY QUEST

Spoiler alert: I didn’t make a new friend today

We can hold hands if you like Seem to be making my new friend upset somehow So glad they mangled my PII cuz now it doesn't need to be redacted It's never a good move to question the sanity of people, cuz they'll show you real crazy, real fast. The Star Trek Memes group do… Continue reading Spoiler alert: I didn’t make a new friend today

Spock, Superman, and Hermoine

These pop icons were role models for me; someone who always felt different from others. Spock taught me to be logical, and that human behavior can be rational if you factor in emotions. Superman taught me that even if you must hide who you really are, you can still do good in the world. And… Continue reading Spock, Superman, and Hermoine

To the Warrior I Dated: a Treatise of Love and Apology

Sometimes we have to examine our intentions to understand our behavior I'm on my apology tour to cleanse my soul and figured it was appropriate to acknowledge your impact on my life. I still love you a great deal and think highly of you even under the scope of my scrutinizing hindsight. But I think… Continue reading To the Warrior I Dated: a Treatise of Love and Apology

I believe I dated a Sociopath…

This is the continuation of "I think I dated a Sociopath..." which expounds on the experience of meeting and maintaining an unhealthy romantic relationship with "Sugar"; a soldier, a husband, a father, and a cheater. Hello readers! Thank you for coming back for the second part of my roller coaster relationship with Sugar. To pick… Continue reading I believe I dated a Sociopath…

I think I dated a Sociopath…

I know, I know... with a title like that, I totally understand if you think this is just going to be another instance of an angry, spurned ex-lover just aiming to gain sympathy and to villainize some poor bloke who had the displeasure of dealing with my crazy ass. You may be thinking of a… Continue reading I think I dated a Sociopath…

The purpose and pitfalls of social validation

I've been thinking a lot about social validation lately. I'm realizing that I'm addicted to Facebook. I post constantly, like/comment often, and seek out drama so that I can put in my two cents, often unsolicited and dripping with sarcasm. I've been working to curb this behavior and instead trying to focus on content that… Continue reading The purpose and pitfalls of social validation