Pity Party! – Headed to the After-Party, Where Yat?

This is the third installment of my Pity Party series diving into my past trauma. As with the other posts, this will have subject matter that may not be suitable for all audiences, blanket trigger warning! Allow me go over some of my more formative romantic experiences. Back up to when I was 13, after… Continue reading Pity Party! – Headed to the After-Party, Where Yat?

Spock, Superman, and Hermoine

These pop icons were role models for me; someone who always felt different from others. Spock taught me to be logical, and that human behavior can be rational if you factor in emotions. Superman taught me that even if you must hide who you really are, you can still do good in the world. And… Continue reading Spock, Superman, and Hermoine

Insecurity, Identity, and Intersectionality

Recently I've been feeling out of sorts. My life has been going quite well for me and perhaps I'm just waiting for the bottom to drop out. I have been fortunate to continue working at my job through the pandemic and just celebrated my anniversary there (a benchmark that is rare for me) with talks… Continue reading Insecurity, Identity, and Intersectionality

C-PTSD and what it means for me

I've recently discovered that Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is being recognized as a form of PTSD, usually brought on by prolonged exposure to traumatic environments. It isn't officially recognized in the DSM Bible yet, but many mental health professionals are beginning to acknowledge its prevalence and effects on those that have it. At first,… Continue reading C-PTSD and what it means for me

Why I believe I dated a Sociopath: An Analysis

This is the final installment of the Sugar Saga, related to "I think I dated a Sociopath..."and "I believe I dated a Sociopath..." Now, dear Readers, I know I made some strong claims in the titles of the previous entries labeling Sugar as a sociopath. I claimed to have observed one of the most interesting… Continue reading Why I believe I dated a Sociopath: An Analysis

I believe I dated a Sociopath…

This is the continuation of "I think I dated a Sociopath..." which expounds on the experience of meeting and maintaining an unhealthy romantic relationship with "Sugar"; a soldier, a husband, a father, and a cheater. Hello readers! Thank you for coming back for the second part of my roller coaster relationship with Sugar. To pick… Continue reading I believe I dated a Sociopath…

The purpose and pitfalls of social validation

I've been thinking a lot about social validation lately. I'm realizing that I'm addicted to Facebook. I post constantly, like/comment often, and seek out drama so that I can put in my two cents, often unsolicited and dripping with sarcasm. I've been working to curb this behavior and instead trying to focus on content that… Continue reading The purpose and pitfalls of social validation