Spoiler alert: I didn’t make a new friend today

We can hold hands if you like Seem to be making my new friend upset somehow So glad they mangled my PII cuz now it doesn't need to be redacted It's never a good move to question the sanity of people, cuz they'll show you real crazy, real fast. The Star Trek Memes group do… Continue reading Spoiler alert: I didn’t make a new friend today

Badass Bisexual Bitch – La Maupin

Born nearly 350 years ago, Julie d'Aubigny was a bisexual badass who managed to live a scandalous, wild life, which ended all too briefly in her thirties, sometime around 1707. The Palais-Royal and its garden in 1679 - Adam Pérelle Likely born in 1673, during the prosperous reign of the Sun King Louis XIV, her father, Gaston… Continue reading Badass Bisexual Bitch – La Maupin

Spock, Superman, and Hermoine

These pop icons were role models for me; someone who always felt different from others. Spock taught me to be logical, and that human behavior can be rational if you factor in emotions. Superman taught me that even if you must hide who you really are, you can still do good in the world. And… Continue reading Spock, Superman, and Hermoine

To the Warrior I Dated: a Treatise of Love and Apology

Sometimes we have to examine our intentions to understand our behavior I'm on my apology tour to cleanse my soul and figured it was appropriate to acknowledge your impact on my life. I still love you a great deal and think highly of you even under the scope of my scrutinizing hindsight. But I think… Continue reading To the Warrior I Dated: a Treatise of Love and Apology

Pity Party! – Throwing a Rager of Regrets

This is the continuation of my Pity Party I threw and now it's turned into a rager of remorse and regret. There's a lot more tricky trauma here so trigger warning for sexual abuse of a minor, drug abuse, domestic violence and natural disasters. The Gravity Well I’ve often said that Oklahoma is like a… Continue reading Pity Party! – Throwing a Rager of Regrets

Insecurity, Identity, and Intersectionality

Recently I've been feeling out of sorts. My life has been going quite well for me and perhaps I'm just waiting for the bottom to drop out. I have been fortunate to continue working at my job through the pandemic and just celebrated my anniversary there (a benchmark that is rare for me) with talks… Continue reading Insecurity, Identity, and Intersectionality